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One Step to Peace with God

Sometimes Baptists would come to our door in Ft. Lauderdale passing out gospel tracts. They would share Jesus and tell us all we had to do was believe. My mother and I would shake our heads holding to our RLDS beliefs that we must have faith and works to go to have peace with God. I don’t know if the Baptists at the door did a poor job explaining God’s plan of salvation; or if we just did not understand because our Joseph Smith lens. Scripturally speaking I know better today. We were spiritually blind and could not accept the …keep reading »


Faith Alone and world religions

Below is a brief thought on a practical implication of how justification by faith alone helps to differentiate Christianity from other world religions. Most world religions have a component of a works-based justification built into them. Evaluating such religious systems outside the revelation of the Christian Scriptures would call for an honest appraisal of one’s works. In this type of appraisal would be shown the constant shortfall of such works to justify anyone in any light, especially, before a holy, divine creator. This type of religion would have to continue adding more works to the previous works that were not …keep reading »


Catholic Priest Speaks of Justification by Faith

Hat tip to Dr. White for his link to the article. First read the article. It’s very interesting. Then, visit Capuchin Father Raniero Cantalamessa’s sermon in question which you can find from his homepage. This sermon is actually part 3 of 3 meditations. I don’t have much time so I am going to pick out a few quotes. Nevertheless, from this moment in which the Protestants insisted unilaterally on faith, Catholic preaching and spirituality ended up accepting the nearly exclusive and thankless work of calling to mind the need for good works and of one’s personal contribution to salvation. The …keep reading »

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