francis chan

Why Do So Many Christians Live this Way?

The section quoted below was part of last night’s discipleship group meeting. The authors then asks the reader to reflect on the evidence for their own walk with Christ in relation to Luke 6:40. But the broad question of why so many who profess to be Christians, but don’t actually follow Christ as evidenced by a changed life is not addressed. When Jesus called His first disciples, they may not have understood where Jesus would take them or the impact it would have on their lives, but they knew what it meant to follow. They took Jesus’s call literally and …keep reading »


A letter to Francis Chan

In Francis Chan’s sermon Beware of Good Liars, he reads a letter from a single mother seeking his advice. I’m curious how others would respond. I won’t comment yet. Just read it. Pastor Francis, I made a covenant promise to a ministry [a TV ministry] in January for $100 a month. I’m a single mom with