Would You Let Your Child Wear a KKK Costume for Halloween?

Every year kids’ Halloween costumes seem to more resemble what should probably be adult costumes. Even so, for years children have dressed up like Satan, demons, murderous movie characters, vampires, pirates, wicked witches, etc. In recent years there were news reports of sensual costumes for little girls – is that even possible? This year, there are reports that one popular costume is based on a celebrity musician made popular by her shocking stage acts. Of course, there are more innocent, fun and silly costumes too. Yet, all kinds of costumes exist that represent immorality, evil, lewdness, death, etc. They all …keep reading »


The Annual Christian Debate Over Halloween Post

As soon as candy in the trick-or-treat bag rings, a smile on a child’s face sings. It is Halloween again in America. Christians will discuss and debate whether or not they can or should participate in Halloween. In this post, I will offer some brief thoughts on Christians and Halloween. One thought that crosses my mind is: if Paul could eat meat sacrificed idols with a clear conscience Christians can take their kids trick-or-treating to get candy for fun. Some Christians object to Halloween regardless of whether or not some form of satanic promotion is involved. The claim sometimes made is that …keep reading »