Must Christian Art Be Evangelistic?

Over at the Gospel Coalition, Alex Medina asks in the title of his post Must Art Be Evangelistic to Be Christian? Since the question is really about art made by Christians, let me re-phrase the question. Must Christian art be evangelistic? Or, a fuller version of the question from a Facebook friend, “Does a Christian who does music have to talk about Christianity or anything about the gospel in their music?” I emphasized the words “must” and “have to” above to set-up my brief answer. No, a Christian artist does not “have to” only produce evangelistic art. Evangelistic art is …keep reading »

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Happy Reformation Day: 95 Thesis Rap Video

“The Word did it all. Had I wished I might have started a conflagration at Worms. But while I sat still and drank beer with Philip and Amsdorf, God dealt the papacy a mighty blow.” ~Martin Luther~


Interview: ThaKidd Jopp on His Letter to Lecrae

ThaKiddJopp (Rickey Joppy) recently released the hip-hop song My Letter to Lecrae (listen below). Joppy’s song was written out of concern for Christian rapper, Lecrae. However, some folks are concerned about Joppy’s motives or possible missteps in writing the song. So, this Saturday, April 13, 2013 at 7pm EST/6pm CST, Rickey Joppy will be on His Word His Way radio show with Saiko Woods to explain why he wrote the song to Lecrae.  Follow the link to tune-in and even call-in with your own questions and concerns. The Interview Mark: I want to make it clear to the readers that you …keep reading »


Jesus is My N*gga?

I recently questioned the words used in Sho Baraka’s song “Jim Crow aka N*gga Island”. Imagine my surprise when I find out this morning that Sho is not the first Christian to use n*gga in a hip-hop song. (I’m using “hip-hop” loosely. Read on.) While tuning in to Power Talk, my favorite black talk radio show, the host and callers are discussing a recent YouTube video (embedded below) called “Rappin’ for Jesus” aka “Jesus is My N*gga”. What?! I listened closer. I even called in. The host asked for input about the song wondering if the song would be acceptable …keep reading »


Video: Baptist History Rap

HT: Nathan Finn. This is one of Dr. Finn’s students, Ashley Unzicker.


Does Sho Baraka’s Song “Jim Crow” (aka Nigga Island) Harm the Gospel?

Chrisitan hip-hop artist, Sho Baraka just release his latest album Talented 10th. Prior to the album release the single “Jim Crow” was released at Hip Hop DX. The official name of the song seems to be “Jim Crow,” but many also refer to it as “Ni**ga Island.” The title of the song alone is bound bring disagreements, especially, from a Christian artist. You can read the lyrics and listen below, but here is the hook: I feel I’m trapped in a crazy place. Asking the Lord for amazing grace. I see the masses wanna change me. I’m waiting for someone …keep reading »


Black Church White Church

Below is a hip-hop song dealing with something we are all familiar with. Racial segregation on Sunday morning in our local churches. The song is from Voice’s new album Christ the King. Black Church White Church by avoice Below is the third verse of the song. Whatever version of American English you speak, whatever your


Poll: Does Christian Hip-Hop Harm the Gospel?

My friend and brother Nathan and I have had a short twitter discussion on whether Christian hip-hop harms the Gospel. This issue came up in reference to Mark Dever’s recent interview with Christian rappers Shai Linne and Voice. I actually interviewed Christian hip-hop Artist Sho Baraka. Then, I attended the the Don’t Waste Your Life tour concert and posted a review. This should give the readers an idea of where I stand. The verdict? I do not think Christian hip-hop harms the Gospel. However, Nathan believes that the medium of hip-hop music contradicts and is inconsistent with the message of …keep reading »


Great Night: Don’t Waste Your Life Concert

It was an awesome night! We took some of our youth group and they really enjoyed it. One of my pastors even attended who is a few generations removed from the hip-hop era. It was a good night of Christ-centered music and fellowship – it was the Don’t Waste Your Life Tour. The Don’t Waste Your Life Tour Atlanta took place Saturday night August 29. The artists accomplished sharing their music and, more importantly, sharing the Gospel. As Sho Baraka expressed the music and its content, the quality of the night’s music was excellent and the content Christ-centered. The diversity of the crowd certainly showed the …keep reading »

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Lord Kill Me If I Don’t Preach the Gospel

So I’m driving. I hear “Lord kill me If I don’t preach the gospel.” What? Did I hear that right? Rewind! Again. Yep! That line really hit me. It made me think. Imagine singing that in church to the tune of Amazing Grace. This was not from a hymn though. (Maybe we can add it somewhere?) “Lord kill me If I don’t preach the gospel” is the first verse in Lecrae’s song Go Hard from his album Rebel. Lord willing, I will be at the Don’t Waste Your Life concert this weekend hearing it live. That’s right, this not-so-old yet …keep reading »


Free Hip-Hop Mixtape from Reach Records

There is a hip-hop (rap music for you older folks) movement that is reaching places with the Gospel that the traditional church has not gone. Much of the music is filled with deep theological lyrics that shame much of modern praise music. I’ve pointed out two examples of such lyrics in the past. One on the Trinity and salvation. Another praising the Triune God with biblical references. Reach Records is one of those organizations leading this theological Hip-hop movement. I’ve mentioned Reach before promoting their very creative website that presents the Gospel. Sometimes they offer free downloads like this one: …keep reading »