Issues Etc.

Miss America Interview

On Feb. 10, Pastor Wilken interview the new Miss American, Katie Stam, on the Issues, Etc. radio show.  I’m assuming Wilken got the interview because Ms. Stam is a Lutheran and her mother teaches at a Lutheran school.  Though I may be wrong.  I wanted to make a few observations about the interview. Slight Rant I think Wilken asked her some good questions.  He even asked her if the Miss American Pageant exploits women.  As tempted as I am to go there I don’t want to spend time on this topic.  Stam’s answer is a “no” here because of the …keep reading »


Thank You Issues Etc

The best I can tell is that I have been listening to Issues, Etc. since sometime in 2004. That is the date that my oldest mp3’s I have of the program.  And I have been appreciating the show since I started listening. As many listeners know this show was canceled by KFUO AM earlier this year. There was an online petition put together to try and get the program back on KFUO AM.  The petition has 7,629 signature as of today.  Since then enough money was raised using the internet and other sources to get the program back on the …keep reading »


Issues Etc vs KFUOAM Stats

Recently, on the Issues, Etc. Radio Program, Pastor Todd Wilken, the host, and Jeff Schwarz, the producer, went over answers to questions as to why their radio show was canceled. Those answers were given by David Strand, the LCMS Executive Director on the Board for Communication Services. Issues, Etc. is a great radio show. One of the best out there dealing with world issues, etc. from a conservative theological perspective. If you listen to the Q&A as reviewed in the show (listen below), you will hear the admission that there really was no way to track the “success” of Issues, …keep reading »