Man of Steel: 20 Reasons Superman is Not Jesus

Ross McD over at Metro blogged Man of Steel: The top 20 reasons why Superman is Jesus. Some of the comparisons are silly and some are loose parallels. I get the comparison to Jesus which could be made in some sense anytime a singular hero saves the world. Life is filled with the creation, fall, redemption theme starting in the book of Genesis. Man’s sinful passion is to be God. Or more so – to be better than God. Superman is not Jesus though he may be a super man; he is not the God-Man. Jesus did not need a …keep reading »

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Jesus and Santa Claus

Does evangelicalism have a problem of treating Jesus like He is Santa Claus?  The quote below from Dr. Horton are not addressing this, however, I believe they are applicable to this topic.  In a way, I think Santa Claus gets more respect.  At least with Santa the morality of being good or bad is in view.  Granted, this morality is ultimately about serving self with the consequences being either getting something you want or not.  On the other hand, Jesus is just supposed to give all you want regardless of what God commands in His holiness. As we lose a …keep reading »


Giving Thanks

O Lord, remember not, How I once stood. Before mine own reflection, Worshiping what I thought was good. Long did I look, For life’s answers I sought. Only emptiness grew, Only death was I taught. I saw death as inevitable, A hopeless situation. Laboring for self in this life, This was my salvation. Grabbing hold of my sin, Oh, how it was glorious. Accepting my flesh, How I felt so victorious. One day without warrant, My vision re-arranged. God’s perfect Law came, My reflection was changed. My victory was over, As I clearly saw. How black my heart was, Against …keep reading »


Book Review: Knowing God

I recently had the opportunity to write a book review for our church newsletter.  I was very appreciative to be asked do so.  And a big thanks my wonderful wife for being editor who helped me condense the review from 1,200 words down to less than 800.  Below is the review. Knowing God by J.I. Packer InterVarsity Press, 1993, 286 pages. Overview Do you know God or just know about Him? Do you seek to know God through Scripture or through personal experience? Are you skeptical about the Bible being divine revelation from God? In Knowing God, J.I. Packer sets …keep reading »


A Lord’s Day Reflection: Richard Baxter

This is a wonderful poem to meditate upon.  It reminds me of how short I fall and how great a Savior we have in Jesus! Lord, it belongs not to my care Lord, it belongs not to my care Whether I die or live; To love and serve thee is my share, And this thy grace must give. If life be long, O make me glad The longer to obey; If short, no labourer is sad To end his toilsome day. Christ leads me through no darker rooms Than he went through before; And he that to God’s kingdom comes …keep reading »

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John 3:16 Conference Questions

As many of you know (or maybe not) I will be attending the John 3:16 Conference this week.  The very last item on the schedule is a 60 minute Q&A. So… I’d love to hear from blogdom out there as to what questions you’d like answered.  Maybe, just maybe I could get to ask or submit some of them for you.  I don’t know the set-up for everything yet so we’ll see. I may also get the chance to live blog the conference. Hopefully, this conference will build rather than tear down. Mark p.s. I recently reviewed a sermon from …keep reading »


Help Needed for Local Atlanta Mission

Dear Readers, I need your help! On November 21st, I’m going to join 30 other men and play in a golf tournament in Atlanta, Georgia. This is not a situation where those with money pay for an overpriced round of golf and a chance to miss work! It is, however, a charity event, where we hope to be amazed by what a group of people working together can accomplish. You can be a part of this effort by sponsoring me in the Sandy Springs Mission Golf Challenge. What this mission does Sandy Springs Mission ministers to children in our community …keep reading »


Highway to Heaven

While driving on the interstate across state lines you never know what you might see.  While driving behind a semi on the doors to the trailer we saw two things.  On the left was a very large Icthus aka fish symbol.  On the right door were the words “Psalm 22:19.”  In the NASB, that verse reads: But You, O LORD, be not far off; O You my help, hasten to my assistance. Then, as we passed the semi there was a quote in very large letters on the side of the trailer.  I thought it was sort of interesting. If …keep reading »


Talk to Ravi Zacharias

Our friend Chris Arnzen, host of the Iron Sharpens Iron Radio Show, is having Christian apologist, Ravi Zacharias as a guest. As I understand listeners will be able to call in with questions and a downloadable mp3 will be available after the show. He will be speaking on the theme of his book NEW BIRTH Or REBIRTH? JESUS TALKS WITH KRISHNA . WHEN: Monday, July 14, 2008, 3-4 PM est WHERE: Listen Live by clicking here CALL WITH QUESTIONS: 1-631-321- WNYG (9694)] CLICK HERE for full details. SDG, Mark p.s. What are the odds that I call in and get …keep reading »