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Interesting Tidbits on John Calvin and Preaching

I recently live blogged the G3 Conference. One of the pastors, Dr. Steve Lawson, gave a presentation on John Calvin’s preaching and what we can learn from it. I found a few items about Calvin fascinating. First, note that Lawson scaled down his material from 30-something points (as I recall) to the following six points. Authority of Biblical Truth Priority of Sequential Exposition The Accuracy of Sound Exegesis Committed to the Energy of Lively Preaching Necessity of Gospel Defense Fervency of Evangelistic Passion I agree with Lawson when he said that no man more loved or more hated or more …keep reading »


Free Reformation Day Resources

First, my favorite Reformation Day tweet was by SooperMexican: “I got 95 theses but a Pope ain’t one.” Reformation Day Free Download: R.C. Sproul’s Luther and the Reformation R.C. Sproul’s recently released ten-part series, Luther and the Reformation in both audio and video formats with study guide. Free Calvin eBooks  by John Piper from Desiring God With Calvin in the Theater of God John Calvin and His Passion for the Majesty of God Portrait of Calvin by T. H. L. Parker (foreword by John Piper) Martin Luther Biography  Chris Rosebrough is offering FREE Reformation Day Books and Resources Here I …keep reading »

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Letter to the editor of ‘The Christian Index’ by Marty King

Editorial not worthy of editor or Index Dear Gerald, As a former Georgia Baptist, I appreciate you and your service as Index editor. But, your Feb. 10 editorial was not your best. The level of research, organization, and writing are simply not up to what Georgia Baptists have come to expect. Let me share with you three concerns. 1. The editorial seems intent on fear-mongering, and is poorly sourced and organized. Although you admit in the article that “many great preachers and theologians have embraced Calvinism through the years,” you imply readers should be afraid of Calvinists, as evidenced by …keep reading »


The Calvinists: a Reply to Gerald Harris Part II

The following is part II of a reply to Gerald Harris recently published the article “The Calvinists are here.” The article was published in The Christian Index, the Georgia Southern Baptist newspaper, of which Harris is the editor. If you have not read part I, follow this link to do so: The Calvinists: a Reply to Gerald Harris Part I. Part II begins below by interacting with Harris’ article where part I ended. The average Baptist who sits in a Sunday School class or a small Bible study group has depended on LifeWay to provide Bible study materials that are …keep reading »


The Calvinists: a Reply to Gerald Harris Part I

Gerald Harris, editor of the The Christian Index, the Georgia Southern Baptist newspaper, recently published the article “The Calvinists are here.”1 There have been two immediate responses to Harris’ piece including one by former Calvinist William Birch2 and an article in the Baptist Press in which some of the people mentioned by Harris answered his concerns.3 Harris’ article seems to be pieced together without a thesis. The article seems strung together by insinuations built upon a connect-the-dots type of guilt by association. In short, there is a lot to untangle in Harris’ article. In the following response, which has been …keep reading »


Calvin the Evangelist

Reprinted by permission of Reformed Theological Seminary. This article was first published in the Reformed Quarterly Magazine Fall 2001. There are many popular misconceptions about John Calvin. Who is the true Calvin behind the image? Will Durant, the famous author of the eleven-volume series on the History of Western Civilization, said of Calvin: “We shall always find it hard to love the man, John Calvin, who darkened the human soul with the most absurd and blasphemous conception of God in all the long and honored history of nonsense.” Even the defrocked TV evangelist, Jimmy Swaggart, has something to say about …keep reading »


Rick Warren, John Calvin and Quoting Heretics

What ever your theological position you will find other positions that just make you squirm. And the people that make statements supporting those other position might make you squirm even more. I get that. For example, I get nervous when Protestants quote Chesterton, a man who championed the Papacy. In my mind the reader of such quotes is already on their way down the slippery slope. Everyone who reads such quotes automatically swallows all the questionable or heretical doctrine by the person being quoted. OK, not really. But the red flags go up. Like one of my favorite superheros my Spider-sense …keep reading »