Warning: Mormon Acceptance Propaganda

On January 8, 2013, I was contacted through my blog by Eric Shuster. He is releasing a new book soon so he asked if I would like to help promote it via a blog tour. The book’s title alone – Where are the Christians? The Unrealized Potential of a Divided Religion – grabbed my interest. But this inquiring mind wanted to know more about it since I had never heard of the author nor the upcoming book. A quick check on Amazon and Shuster’s website answered the blog tour question for me – no! The author is a former Roman …keep reading »


4 Minutes on Mormonism with ABC News (with Christianity Comparison Chart)

Will exposing Mormon beliefs and practices affect voting decisions for some Americans? Who will be helped most in the upcoming Presidential election by reporting on Mormon beliefs – Obama or Romney? How many national news outlets covered black liberation theology outside of President Obama’s relationship with Jeremiah Wright? Media bias? Brief Comparison between Mormonism and Christianity Mormonism Christianity God More than one god. God the father is an exalted man   who was as we are now and has a body of flesh and bones. God There is only one God who is spirit and eternal. Trinity The father, son and …keep reading »