Matt Chandler

Matt Chandler Responds to Criticism of ‘David, Goliath and the Gospel’

In the video below Matt Chandler attempts to explain how the gospel runs through the David and Goliath story in a mere 3.5 minutes. Dr. Eric Hankins raised concerns about Chandler’s interpretive approach in the video in his recent critique of ‘Christ-centered homiletics’.1 However, back in January Mike Riccardi, using Chandler’s explanation in the video as an example, wrote a very thorough and gracious explanation of the problems with such an interpretation.2 Chandler was contacted for a response to Riccardi’s article and he replied. “Thanks for your encouragement and email.  I read Mike’s critique and agree with most of it.  The …keep reading »


On Public Rebuke

As far as I know, being rebuked is not something to which most Christians look forward, especially, being publicly rebuked. However, Scripture says it is good for rebuke (2 Tim. 3:16). Scripture even includes the well-known example of one Apostle publicly rebuking another Apostle (Gal. 2:11, 14). Today, there is no shortage of Christians rebuking one another online. Though direct, public rebukes in person is not often carried out. Occasionally, one might hear a public rebuke about  a particular person, but the more popular route is to address poor teaching in general leaving the teacher unnamed. In the past, I …keep reading »


Internet fellowship

The internet can be used for good, bad, stupid, indifferent, etc. like many things in life. The more sinful people get involved with these things the more we mess them up. Please, don’t look around the internet. Take my word for it. Funny, we still cannot stand in God’s way. God sovereignly works through the internet where Christians


Missional Living with Matt Chandler

I’ve written in the past about sponsoring a Compassion International child.  I’ve also written of what prompted us to sponsor a child.  It was a sermon by Matt Chandler that I’ve been wanting to point to for a while.  Reading one of Tom Ascol’s recent posts Matt Chandler, mortification and the sins of fathers has reminded me once again of this particular sermon of Chandler’s.  A recap on the journey to Compassion International.  My wife and I were driving across town to have our taxes prepared and at the recommendation of a friend I played this sermon.  Long and short, …keep reading »