Memorial Day

Sunday Considerations: Memorial Day 2013

This weekend is Memorial Day weekend here in the United States. Memorial Day, originally named Decoration Day, is a day of rightful remembrance of all who died while serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. Many churches will pause Sunday morning to recognize those who have and who are currently serving in one of the branches of America’s Military. I’ve struggled over the years of how much patriotism is implanted into some worship services this time of year. The church gathers to worship God not man’s achievements and service to each other. However, many Christians have served in this country’s Armed …keep reading »


Ethics: Army Chaplain Preaches for Memorial Day

What would you do Wednesday! It is the Sunday before Memorial Day. It has been a weekend full of Military appreciation. Television stations have run specials with great reminders of the sacrifices of the many men and women who have served and are serving in America’s Armed Forces. The gratefulness of living in such a free country warms the heart. And the thankfulness for those who have sacrificed for such freedoms makes this upcoming holiday all the more endearing. You wake up wondering what the message will be in worship service this morning. There is a guest preacher, but no …keep reading »


A Word for the New Year and My Top 10 for 2010

First, I leave you with some words of encouragement to take into the 2011 New Year from Thomas Watson’s A Body of Divinity. Then, my top 10 popular posts for 2010. How diligent and zealous should we be in glorifying God, that we may come at last to enjoy him! If Tully, Demosthenes, and Plato, who had but the dim watch-light of reason to see by, fancied an elysium and happiness after this life, and took such Herculean pains to enjoy it, oh how should Christians, who have the light of Scripture to see by, bestir themselves that they may …keep reading »


A Memorial Day Prayer

Heavenly Father, as an American, thank you for this great country. I am not proud, but humbled, that in Your sovereignty I was born in such a Nation. Thank You for those serving in the military that you have used to help raise up and protect America. Thank you for those men and women in our military who were willing to give their lives and who gave their lives to fight to keep this country free. It is a great service to lay down one’s life for others. Father, as a Christian, this is a great reminder of the incomparable …keep reading »

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Memorial Day 2009 Worship Service

It was a mostly normal Sunday morning.  My wife and I left for church wondering if it would happen.  It did.  The Pledge of Allegiance was said.  The National Anthem was sung.  Everyone stood.  We sat.  It was uncomfortable, I admit.


Patriotic Worship

Brother Stan has posted some great thoughts over at the Reformed Baptist Fellowship blog about patriotic worship services. A typical patriotic service might include a presentation of the American flag, singing of patriotic hymns, and a message centered around the Christian roots of the United States and a call to return to them. Are these services God-honoring? Are they wise? Read the whole thing: Three Hymns for the Red, White, and Blue: Thinking About Patriotic Worship Services I’ve always cringed when patriotic songs have been sung during a time when the congregation comes together to worship God.  We have six others …keep reading »