Michael Ruse

Free Live Stream Debate Tonight: Evolution Vs. Design

Tonight, May 16, 2013, Bioloa University will host The Origin of Life: The Great God Debate II Evolution Vs. Design between Michael Ruse vs. Fuz Rana moderated by Craig Hazen. The debate starts at 7 PM PDT/10 PM EDT. Click-> To watch live! Follow on twitter with the hashtag #GODdebate. The format which includes questions from the audience, twitter and text is as follows. Opening Arguments: 20 minutes each 1st Cross-Examination: 6 minutes each side Rebuttals: 10 minutes each 2nd Cross-Examination: 6 minutes each side Concluding Arguments: 5 minutes each Q &A: 40 minutes The topic: “Are natural processes sufficient …keep reading »