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Is Erick Erickson Right on the Evangelists’ Failure?

Conservative political blogger and talk radio host Erick Erickson, in his article “The Evangelists’ Failure“on RedState.com, shares what he sees as one of Evangelical America’s biggest failures. Erickson is more than a conservative political pundit. He is also an Evangelical of the Presbyterian persuasion. I have listened to Erickson many times on the local radio station while sifting through Atlanta traffic. He is a sharp, insightful, and fair brother. Based on some of the information he provides to his listeners, he is also politically well-connected. I appreciate brother Erickson’s insights on culture and politics, but I’m not convinced of his conclusion …keep reading »


Missional Living with Matt Chandler

I’ve written in the past about sponsoring a Compassion International child.  I’ve also written of what prompted us to sponsor a child.  It was a sermon by Matt Chandler that I’ve been wanting to point to for a while.  Reading one of Tom Ascol’s recent posts Matt Chandler, mortification and the sins of fathers has reminded me once again of this particular sermon of Chandler’s.  A recap on the journey to Compassion International.  My wife and I were driving across town to have our taxes prepared and at the recommendation of a friend I played this sermon.  Long and short, …keep reading »