‘The Exchange’ with Ed Stetzer Live Today on this Blog

I will be hosting Dr. Ed Stetzer’s (President of LifeWay Research) webcast “The Exchange” as part of a test syndication. Tune in today! Today on “The Exchange” Pete Wilson, pastor of Cross Point Church in Nashville, discusses his newest book Empty Promises: The Truth about You, Your Desires, and the Lies You’re Believing. Philip Nation, Director of Ministry Development at LifeWay Christian Resources, will be guest-hosting. Click the image below to start the webcast at 2pm cst/3 pm est!


Defining Missional

What exactly does the term missional mean? Attempts to answer this question can be found in books, videos, sermons, blog posts, theological ejournals, conference presentations, magazine articles, etc. Depending on who you ask will depend on the answer which may be good, bad or ugly. You get to decide which is which. Where do we go from here? Is missional something