Video: Amazing Grace by Josh Wilson

Check out this instrumental version of Amazing Grace by Josh Wilson on guitar. Very cool!


Music Minister Fun: Hymn Sung in Various Musical Styles!

The music minister in the video below, Rob Mills, has some fun singing the hymn “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms” in various musical styles representing different musical eras. While the hymn was written in 1887 by Eli­sha A. Hoff­man, Mills begins with a 1940’s style of music and moves a decade at a time ending in one of today’s hip-hop styles. Enjoy!

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50 Cent 50 Shekel

One of my co-workers sent me something about Jewish hip-hop yesterday. I just remembered tonight that one of these groups was called “50 Shekel” so I googled it. Here is some of his testimony. MY TESTIMONY Note: For those of you who have already read this page before I put this note up and made the assumption that because you see that I had “1 bad experience in Orthodoxy” and that is the reason that I left “Judaism” please not that for 29 years I have been experiencing what “Judaism is” on many levels (Orthodoxy to Conservative to Reform to …keep reading »