Palm Sunday

April Devotion MP3

My pastor said something I found funny while introducing me.  He mentioned that I was a blogger.  I was still too nervous at that point to comment. Below is a recording of the devotion I gave that I wrote about yesterday.  I hope it’s edifying.  If not, then shoot the messenger (me) because the message of the Gospel was clearly given to us. Any feedback whether positive or constructive is appreciated.


Behind the Pulpit

Last night I had the opportunity to lead my church in a devotion for our evening service.  (A devotion is like a mini-sermon and mine was about 14 minutes.)  It’s been several years since I’ve preached at all.  I’ve taught classes and done a few presentations, but no sermon-like activities.  I was very honored when my pastor called me to ask if I would be willing to give a devotion.  My date ended up being April 5th, Palm Sunday.  As excited as I was to do this as the time drew near I wasn’t so sure.  I will share some …keep reading »