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If Government Mandates Prayer in Public Schools

In light of the tragic Sandy Hook massacre, one of the reasons given for such incidents is that God has been kicked out of public schools. One argument for inviting God back into public schools is to reinstate prayer. I am not arguing whether reinstating government mandated prayer is right or wrong. But I am wondering something…. If government mandates prayer in public schools who faith will lead the prayers – a Muslim, a Jew, a Hindu, a Buddhist , a Sikh, a Jehovah’s Witness, a Mormon or a Christian? Which prayer would please God and actually invite Him into …keep reading »


Are Metro-Atlanta Schools Promoting Islam?

At least one parent of a Metro-Atlanta middle school student is concerned that his child’s homework promotes Islam in the classroom. Is he right? Watch the video below and decide. As stated in the video, the curriculum was given to the school by the State of Georgia as part of a Middle Eastern studies program. It is possible that more schools across Georgia are using this curriculum though this Georgia resident has not heard any reports of such wide-spread use. The Marietta Daily Journal, a Metro-Atlanta paper, reported on the story and shared a portion of the school curriculum in …keep reading »