The Idea of Preparation in Puritan Preaching by Andy Hynes

Guest blogger Andy Hynes (@ABHYNES) is a PhD candidate at Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary. Puritan preaching never took a sharper prominence than during the period of preparation in the life of the sinner.  As the Father drew each elect sinner, the Holy Spirit was bringing about His convicting work.  Preparation/vocation became a staple in Puritan preaching and was referred to as God’s use of His law to convince sinners of their guilt and helplessness so that by His grace they may come to Christ.[1]   Seventeenth Century Puritanism developed a vast discourse of exhorting sinners to respond to God’s grace through …keep reading »


Thomas Brooks’ Four Prime Things

I did some quote mining from Thomas Brooks Precious Remedies Against Satan’s Devices from the chapter ‘The Epistle Dedicatory’. I found Brooks’ words to be very insightful, practical and challenging. The ‘The Epistle Dedicatory’ is a letter he wrote to his congregation. He was very humble in the letter which can be seen in the prayers he asked for concerning himself. However, the quotes I chose are focus on his exhortations to his congregation of which the universal congregation may benefit. We live in a different culture and time than did Brooks. Yet, it just seems like we don’t think as …keep reading »


Good Buys On Good Books

Someone buy the name of drpuritan is selling some very good Chrisitan books on ebay.  As of now there are 379 titles available which include individual books and various volumes.  Starting bids range from $.99 to $120. I don’t know why these books are being sold.  Speculation leads to me think it may be due to the tough economic times. There are many good authors listed. Check out the books here: drpuritans books for sale. Mark