A Quick Note of Thanks!

I would like to thank all of my friends in the real world and those in the cyber-world via twitter, Facebook and blogs who help get the word out to vote for me for the $10,000 Blogging Scholarship.1 I was overwhelmed by all of the support. It meant a lot! A special word of thanks (sorry if I missed anyone) to Frank Turk2, James White3, Tim Challies4 and Aaron Armstrong5 for promoting the scholarship contest on their blogs. And an extra-special thank you to all those who used the donate button on the sidebar. You know who you are. I …keep reading »


Occupy My Vote?

I’ve gotten some questions since being a finalist in the Blogging Scholarship and asking for votes so that I might win $10,000 which I would use to pay for seminary.1 I suppose with all of the Occupy Wall Street2 stuff going on people leery of someone else asking for something. Or people probably just want to know things like – Who’s asking? Where would the money go? Does my vote really matter? Does he deserve it? First, it is a lot easier to occupy a vote for me than it is to join the Occupy Wall Street movement. You can …keep reading »


Scholarship Voting Reset: I Need Your Help Please!

OK, folks. I recently asked for your vote for the $10,000 Blogging Scholarship which, if I won, I would use to pay for seminary.1 Some people were getting votes that were off the charts in comparison to the amount of monthly website visits they get.  A few of us on twitter noticed this trend of what seemed to be an unusually high number of votes for some of the contestants. Well, things have just changed! The scholarship administration just sent out emails to the contestants informing us that some changes have been made to the contest due to “ballot stuffing.” …keep reading »


Help! I’ve Got a Serious Problem

My buddy Frank says I’ve got a serious problem.1 But then my buddy James says that I’m good folk.2 Are they just playing good-friend/bad-friend? Who are you going to believe? Hint: They are both friends who are trying to help me with the same cause. And I need your help too! I recently wrote an entry essay which was accepted for the 2011 Blogging Scholarship contest.3 Last year I participated in the contest and by the grace of God I came in third. The competition was steep last year and looks to be stronger this year. The winner gets a …keep reading »


Blogging Scholarship Entry Essay 2011

Last year I wrote an essay in an attempt to apply for the Blogging Scholarship contest.1 My entry was accepted and I was entered into the contest. The competition was tough. I was very thankful that though I did not win, ultimately ended up getting enough votes to win third place.2 It’s that time of year again and I could use your prayers and possibly your votes soon. I shared last year’s entry essay so I’m sharing this year’s too. Blogging Scholarship Entry Essay 2011 I would love to be able to say that I started blogging to change the …keep reading »

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We Could Both Win A $1000!

Last year I wrote about the “Logos Bible Software Seminary Scholarship” in Money for Seminary? I have been working toward the M.Div. for a year and a half now. The economy hasn’t gotten any better, but the Lord is still providing a way for me to attend seminary. What I wrote on this topic last year still applies so I won’t repeat it all here. But I will repeat one thing regardless of the circumstances – Praise God! I will praise God whether or not I win the scholarship contest Logos is awarding this year on August 10, 2011.  And we …keep reading »


The Blogging Scholarship: Thanks, Thoughts, and Cheating

The 2010 Blogging Scholarship contest is over. I had a good run and ended up placing 3rd. I’d like to say thank you to some folks, give some brief thoughts about the competition and look at the cheating allegations. Thank you! I’d like to thank those who promoted me on their blogs (I tried my best not to leave anyone out) such as  Frank Turk, Tim Challies, Aaron Armstrong, Joel Taylor, Dave Miller, Nathan Bingham, and Michael Newnham. I also greatly appreciate all of my twitter and Facebook friends who campaigned and voted for me. None of this would have happened without …keep reading »


10,000 Reasons to Vote for Me?

I asked for help for The Blogging Scholarship and shared my essay. You answered. Guess what? Praise the Lord, I made the top 10! Please CLICK HERE to vote for me, Mark Lamprecht, to help me win a $10,000 scholarship to help pay for seminary. That is 10,000 reasons to vote for me and I’d really appreciate your help. It’ll only take a moment. Thank you!


My Blogging Scholarship Essay

I recently asked my readers if they would consider nominating me for The Blogging Scholarship which, if won, would help me pay for seminary. I truly appreciate all who nominated me. Thank you! Today is the last day to submit a nomination or to apply for yourself if you’re a blog owner. I applied today and below I will share my 300 word or less application essay. My Blogging Scholarship Essay I started blogging out of frustration. I was frustrated about various theological issues in evangelicalism at large. I would write mostly to vent at first. As time went on, …keep reading »


Seminary Can Be Expensive So…Nominate Me?

As many of you know, I’m currently enrolled in seminary working towards an M.Div. As many of you may also know, seminary is not free. Throw in a family which includes a teenager and an injured wife with medical bills, and seminary seems even more expensive. Wait – don’t leave – I’m not asking you for money! All I’m asking is for you to please nominate me for The Blogging Scholarship. This scholarship is worth $10,000 for the winner. Here are two basic reasons for you to vote for me: You appreciate what I do here and would like to show …keep reading »


Money for seminary?

I recently started seminary working toward an MDiv. Getting through seminary while having a family and full-time job looks to be a pretty big task. Additionally, paying for seminary after recently experiencing a large personal economic downturn is an equally difficult task. However uncomfortable times may be, the Lord is providing. Of course, if He provided just a bit more I would not complain. I am very appreciative for how the Lord is