Field Trips and Work Detail

I want to make two general observations of the attitudes exuded by Christians ministering in the church. Those Christians range from pastor to deacon to those who sneak in late and sit on the last pew. The types of ministering ranges from preaching to teaching to walking an elderly lady to her car. Some Christians give the impression that they are on work detail when ministering to others. It’s as if they force a joyless smile just to get through a laborious task. Their motivation seems to flow out of a love for God as they dutifully serve their neighbor …keep reading »


New LifeWay Study on Selflessness and Spiritual Maturity

LifeWay Research has released a new study noted in the article below that links spiritual maturity and serving others. Ed Stetzer, president of LifeWay Research is quoted below stating, “Growth leads to service and serving leads to growth – it’s deeply connected.” Stetzer’s statement is a great summary sentence correlating Christian service and growth. Of course, there are different types of growth and service. I’m not sure exactly what kind of spiritual growth the study measured that is taking place through serving others. Maybe the areas in which spiritual growth is taking place would be worth considering if LifeWay has …keep reading »