sinners prayer

Ray Comfort on the Sinner’s Prayer

Ray Comfort, E.Z. Zwayne and Mark Spence discuss the biblical foundation and use of the sinner’s prayer. Comfort is not one who favors the sinner’s prayer though is does a lot of evangelism. He uses some interesting Scriptural proof-texts to argue against using a prayer in salvation. However, I’m not sure I agree with all of Comfort’s objections as he’s laid them out though on some points I agree. I’m interested to hear your thoughts on this sinner’s prayer discussion. Watch below!


What if You Say the Sinner’s Prayer and Mean It?

There is a lot of disagreement among Christians over the use of the sinner’s prayer. Some are quick to point out abuse of the sinner’s prayer and all together dismiss it. Others seem quick to overlook its abuse and to point out its usefulness. Personally, I have witnessed its abuse. Yet, I often wonder if we will ever find a common ground on the sinner’s prayer. But yesterday’s ethics post about the sinner’s prayer raised a question in my mind. What if someone says the sinner’s prayer and means it? Of course, then questions about the question begin. People will …keep reading »