Atlanta Storms: A Reflection on Life

The South is getting hit with unusual weather lately. In fact, a couple weeks ago I wrote about, and shared pictures of, the ice and snow storm that hit Metro-Atlanta. Now, as I write this, the ice is melting from another storm. The storm lasted two days and is hopefully over though its effects will last a bit longer. Thankfully, people, especially buses full of children, were not stranded on the roads this time. Unfortunately, people did lose power and there were some emergencies. Sadly, there have been about a dozen or so deaths in the South due to the …keep reading »


Pictures: Atlanta Snow Storm Abandoned Vehicles

I previously shared about my inability to drive home which led to a night in the Sandy Springs shelter in Snowed Out Atlanta: A Night in the Shelter. Below are a few pictures I snapped on the what home of abandoned vehicles on the Sandy Springs/Cobb County line at the Chattahoochee River. (My wife asked a friend of ours to make an “I survived” t-shirt about the Atlanta snow storm, so she did: “I Survived the Georgia Gridlock Blizzard January 2014.”) [Note: Images may not load on mobile devices.]

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Snowed Out Atlanta: A Night in the Shelter

Last night I left my office to go home at about 12:30 in the afternoon. Seven hours later I had traveled 3 miles. I stopped at Firehouse Subs in Sandy Springs only to meet some of my fellow stranded Atlantans. We ate dinner at Firehouse watching as cars inched forward on Roswell Road for over an hour. I decided not to get back into traffic going and resume my .5 MPH pace. I figured I would sleep in my car, but my wife had other ideas. She was not going to worry about her stranded husband all night sleeping in …keep reading »