spiritual maturity

Good Christian Spouses

What is it to be a good Christian spouse? Many Christians believe they are pretty good spouses. What is a typical day for a good Christian spouse? The alarm clock sounds. It is time to get up for one or both spouses. Some Bible reading together or at least some prayer time would have been good, but hitting the snooze button a few times was necessary. It’s been a long week and it’s only Tuesday. Running late. Got to get going. Got to get to work. The spouses say their goodbyes. One spouse calls the other during the day. The …keep reading »


New LifeWay Study on Selflessness and Spiritual Maturity

LifeWay Research has released a new study noted in the article below that links spiritual maturity and serving others. Ed Stetzer, president of LifeWay Research is quoted below stating, “Growth leads to service and serving leads to growth – it’s deeply connected.” Stetzer’s statement is a great summary sentence correlating Christian service and growth. Of course, there are different types of growth and service. I’m not sure exactly what kind of spiritual growth the study measured that is taking place through serving others. Maybe the areas in which spiritual growth is taking place would be worth considering if LifeWay has …keep reading »