Gee, Thanks

It’s The Hurt That Counts Marie Paule Thielle of Metz, France, who is only 3 years old, has received the Bronze Medal for “an act of courage and dangerous sacrifice.” But the one she rescued does not like her. The story: When Marie’s playmate, two-year-old Denis fell into the municipal pool, she grabbed him by the hair and held his head out of the water until her screams for help were answered. Said Marie: “He doesn’t like me now because it hurt when I pulled his hair.” [Tan, P. L. (1996). Encyclopedia of 7700 illustrations : A treasury of illustrations, anecdotes, facts …keep reading »

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Thanksgiving Grace

Life. It is busy and demanding. Each day can bring new challenges. Some easy and routine. Some hard. Others life changing. How these challenges and demands are received can make all the difference in one’s attitude and thought life. During this time around Thanksgiving Day every year people are asked to think about life and to have an attitude of thankfulness. While this might seem routine, it can be hard to be thankful depending on life’s circumstances. Even during “normal”