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Using Movies in Evangelism

The Son of God movie will be in theaters soon. So far, this movie has not been near the spectacle Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ had been. In fact, it may be said that the lack of success of using The Passion in evangelism may be the reason Son of God is not getting much press. Maybe this lack of success means Christians should not use movies as part of their evangelistic outreach. Tim Challies wrote about this issue in his post Writing Checks to Mel Gibson. Tim was thoughtful without condemning. However, Tim quotes a follow-up Barna …keep reading »


G3: Tim Challies – Mission in a Changing World

This is a live blog of the G3 Conference. I will be updating along with the speakers. You can follow the line-up at: G3 Schedule. Tim begins by rightly making fun of how the South shuts down at the mere mention of ice and snow. A preemptive shutdown he called it. Tim going to speak about how the way we communicate the unchanging gospel will change. What are the specific challenges that come to us as Christians in a changing world? We are in the middle of a massive shift in communication – computer to internet. There has been a …keep reading »


When a Good Guy Writes an Inconsistent Blog Post

I love Tim Challies. That is, as a Christian brother. In fact, I hope to say hello to him this month at the G3 Conference as he travels to my neck of the woods. Last time I saw him was at the 2010 Band of Bloggers gathering. We stood next to each other talking to different people and did not get to meet. Anyway, Challies is a good guy. He has even been gracious enough to help me get votes the last two years for the Blogging Scholarship. I’m letting you know up front that I have nothing against him. …keep reading »

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Join Me this Month at the G3 Conference in Metro-Atlanta!

Lord willing, later this month from January 24th – 26th 2013, I will be live blogging the G3 Conference. (G3 stands for Gospel, Grace and Glory – check out the website for more info.) The conference was created by Pastor Josh Buice of Prays Mill Baptist Church. The conference will be held in Metro-Atlanta or, more precisely, 20 miles west of Atlanta in Douglasville, GA at Prays Mill Baptist. The G3 speakers are Paul Washer, David Miller, Tim Challies, Steve Lawson, Donald Whitney, Voddie Baucham, Joel Beeke, Chip Thornton and Jon Payne. Pastor Buice is a friend and I am …keep reading »