When Tolerance Attacks

While thinking about tolerance I decided to poke around online. I found the incredible video embedded below. It’s incredible in the sense that it is hard to believe how awful the  American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) volunteers were treated by same-sex marriage advocates. The video is ironically titled – Attacked By “Tolerance”. I don’t know much about the TFP group, but they appear to be Roman Catholic. As a Protestant, I tolerate TFP’s theology while standing with them on marriage and family (best I can tell). But what is shown in the video is clearly …keep reading »

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Tolerance: Person Vs. Idea

The world is full of ideas because the world is full of people. Many of us are professing Christians whose ideas differ from that of other professing Christians. We don’t always tolerate non-Christian worldviews very well. But many non-Christians are quick to return the favor – and then some – as they don’t always tolerate us. Getting along in certain circles can be difficult because tolerance become intolerance object of this intolerance moves from the idea to the person. My observation is people today don’t seem to do well tolerating others when they can’t tolerate others’ ideas. In fact, it …keep reading »