White Horse Inn

Michael Horton Interviews Robert Schuller

A Conversation with Dr. Robert Schuller* The following are highlights from a two hour discussion between Dr. Robert Schuller and Dr. Michael Horton on the White Horse Inn radio broadcast, Nov. 1992. Michael Horton: Would you be willing to address your congregation as a group as sinners? Robert Schuller: No I don’t think I need to do that. First of all, my congregation is a very mixed audience. MH: But our Lord’s audiences were mixed with disciples and unbelievers both. RS: Oh yes, but I’ll tell you, the audience is quite different that I talk to than what the Lord …keep reading »


Christianity Without Christ?

What happens when we take Christ out of Christianity?  That’s the question Michael Horton asks in his new book Christless Christianity.  This book follows this year’s theme of “Christless Christianity” on the White Horse Inn radio show.  I was excited when I first got the email about the book.  Then I read that this discounted offering includes a two DVD set as well which has four sessions.  I imagine that this package could be an excellent small-group (or large) resource.  For more information including audio and sample video go to the Christless Christianity website. Is it possible that we have …keep reading »