Pour Yourself Into the Church?

Lately, there seems a strong re-emphasis on the importance of being an active, participating member in one’s local church. Some Christians are encouraged to pour themselves into their local church to be and stay connected. But is pouring yourself into the church always the right answer? Recently, I talked to a friend in another city. He and his family have been somewhat disconnected from his church family due to various life circumstances. He sat down to talk with his pastor about the situation. Upon explaining that he felt a little like an outsider and did not know most of the …keep reading »


Wisdom From A Teenager On Youth Ministry

A teenager, named Erica, was recently given an assignment to write an editorial on the subject of her choice. Her topic? Youth ministry.  Below is the editorial exactly as sent to a fellow blogger who is also a family friend of Erica.  Did I mention that she is only 15? Wow! ——————————————————— A new phenomena is going on in churches these days. Picture this: You enter into the youth group of a church on a Sunday or Wednesday night. You see at least fifty kids around. Some are off talking or playing a game, but most are in a circle …keep reading »