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Did Shai Linne Really Name “False” Teachers?

I recently posted about a new Christian hip-hop song: New Song Drops Names: “False Teachers” by Shai Linne. This song is off Shai Linne’s new album Lyrical Theology, Pt. 1: Theology which releases April 9, 2013. In the song Linne names 12 false Bible teachers which I listed in the above post. A commenter in that post suggested some evidence needs to be shown why Linne and others call these 12 false teachers. Hence, my question of whether the teachers Shai Linne named are really “false” teachers. Below I’ve provided a examples of false teachings from each of the teachers …keep reading »


Word of Faith Vs. Reformed Baptist: A Theological Dialogue

Reformed Pastor Saiko Woods and Word of Faith Pastor Fred Price, Jr. enter the theological ring with the gloves off. Woods and Price candidly discussion their theological differences both turning to Scripture to defend their theology. This discussion is a breath of fresh air given the way theological disagreements are often carried out. I wish more face to face discussion like this could take place. I mean – I’d love to see James White sit down with T.D. Jakes to discussion the Trinity. I have not had time to note some of my thoughts on the following Woods-Price discussion, but …keep reading »


Book Review: Christianity in Crisis The 21st Century

Christianity In Crisis: The 21st Century By Hank Hanegraaff.  Thomas Nelson Publishers, 2009. 432 pages. Hank Hanegraaff has updated the 1993 edition of Christianity in Crisis to keep up with the “Word of Faith” movement and its teachers. The author exposes the continued growth and danger of these teachings. The book is divided into seven parts and three appendices. It is well documented with 54 pages of footnotes and 17 pages of bibliography. In his usual style, the author provides several acronyms to help the reader remember key themes. In this edition, Hanegraaff leaves


How not to disagree with your pastor. Even if he is WoF.

Apparently one guy in the church service didn’t like what Billy Joe Daugherty had top say so he punched him. I was watching Fox News and saw this story. So far I have not come across a reason as to why Daugherty was attacked. Well see…story below. Caught on Tape: Pastor Attacked During Church Service Ouch! It’s an alter call one pastor won’t soon forget. A man attacked his pastor in the middle of a church service – and it was all caught on tape! Pastor Billy Joe Daugherty was standing in front of a prayer group in Tulsa when …keep reading »