World Vision

Ethics: Stop Sponsoring World Vision Children?

What would you do Wednesday! Consider the recent World Vision fiasco in light of a fellow Christian friend who wants to cut-off support to the three children he sponsors. When the news of World Vision’s policy change hit social media you reached out to a friend you highly respect. Since he is not big on social media so he does not often get breaking news within Christendom right away. The two main reasons you asked for your friend’s opinion is: 1) he is one of the most faithful Christians you know who is always present on Sundays, actively shares the …keep reading »


Does World Vision Hate Homosexuals?

Update: World Vision reversed its decision discussed below. I think they have answered my question that they do not hate homosexuals, but love them enough to not affirm same-sex marriage. They love God enough to have their mistake corrected by the authority of Scripture and to stand on the biblical view of marriage.  World Vision president, Richard Stearns, recently announced a policy change to accept gay same-sex married couples. Given that World Vision identifies itself as a Christian humanitarian organization, this move causes me to ask: Does World Vision hate homosexuals? Stearns would not probably not answer affirmatively calling the …keep reading »