Tapping My Way into the Freelance Writers Den

Are you ready to see me tap dance? Even I would pay to see that! Sorry to disappoint my dear readers, but that is not the kind of tapping I am talking about.

I’m talking about the tap of a keyboard – that little noise the keyboard makes as I pump out prose on the digital screen. Some of the tapping is from the backspace key, but we won’t talk about that.

I am moving forward with my writing – which brings me to the Freelance Writers Den.

In short, the Freelance Writers Den (FWD) is a place where writers go to get help with their writing skills. The FWD has been closed to new members lately, but now there is an opportunity for a few folks to tap their way in.

The FWD is having a contest and my keyboard tapping is an attempt to win!

How to Win a Free Year in the Freelance Writers Den

Do a post on your blog about why you should win a free year in Freelance Writers Den. What would you do with all those resources? What are your goals? What’s been holding you back? (Financial sob stories will not win you points — tell us about your writing journey.)

No financial sob stories – great! I am glad that is out of the way; I can’t afford to cry.

Why should I win?

Frankly, I need professional help – with my writing. I have been blogging for over eight years. My writing has come a long way since 2004 (which is easily seen by browsing through the archives). I’ve worked hard at improving my prose, but I am at a point where I need insight from the eyes of experience to really help me grow as a writer.

Those eyes of experience will help in my future writing plans (more on that later).

What would I do with all those resources?

The first place winners’ resources – 1 year in the FWD, the mentoring, the classes and eBooks – are just what I need as I take my writing to the next level. I would use all of those resources to help reach my two main writing goals. In order to achieve my goals, I have been moving beyond just blogging toward a writing life. Winning the FWD contest would certainly help keep me tapping in this direction.

What are my goals?

My two writing goals are simple: writing my first book and starting a copywriting business. I said simple; not easy. I have a few book ideas and I have already begun developing my copywriting business (including a web presence).

What’s been holding me back?

The answer to what has been holding me back is simple – me! That is, I lacked confidence about whether or not I was ready to pursue a writing life. Now that the foundation has been laid over the years, through personal research and regular writing, I am ready to move forward.

Winning the FWD contest would give me access to the professional direction I need. It is past time for me to move my writing to the professional level, and I know it will take professional expertise to help get me there. The FWD has what I need to get my fingers tapping in step.

Wish me luck as the tapping continues. Tap, tap, tap…


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