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The best I can tell is that I have been listening to Issues, Etc. since sometime in 2004. That is the date that my oldest mp3’s I have of the program.  And I have been appreciating the show since I started listening.

As many listeners know this show was canceled by KFUO AM earlier this year. There was an online petition put together to try and get the program back on KFUO AM.  The petition has 7,629 signature as of today.  Since then enough money was raised using the internet and other sources to get the program back on the air.  A simple search will give you more information if you like as well as listening to the show in my post I link to below.

The host of the show, Pastor Todd Wilken, gave me blog of the week last week for this post in which I put some figures together on website popularity comparing the Issues, Etc. website with the KFUO AM site.  I want to thank Pastor Wilken for selecting my blog and all the folks who make it possible to listen to Issues, Etc. every week.

You can listen to the segment of the show below where Pastor Wilken mentions this blog.  It’s really pretty cool.  However, if I “won” anything I hope that I won some more listeners and support of this radio show.  It’s a great show so check it out if you haven’t yet!

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