Thanksgiving Grace

Life. It is busy and demanding. Each day can bring new challenges. Some easy and routine. Some hard. Others life changing. How these challenges and demands are received can make all the difference in one’s attitude and thought life.

During this time around Thanksgiving Day every year people are asked to think about life and to have an attitude of thankfulness. While this might seem routine, it can be hard to be thankful depending on life’s circumstances. Even during “normal” times being thankful can be difficult this time of year.

Circumstances this year are not normal for most.

Job losses and home forclosures are at record highs. While home values for many are lower than what was paid. The view outside the home isn’t much better. The U.S. economy at large is struggling at all levels from Federal to State to Local. A host of other challenges can come through all of these struggling areas, especially, on the individual and their families with job losses. Add these troubles in with regular everyday life and it can be like adding gasoline to a fire.

Despair can set in. And Thanksgiving?

Despite all of these things the most important parts of life cannot be taken away. That is, our family and close relationships. In short, our loved ones. As uncomfortable as losses of material things are they are still just material. Not unimportant either just not as important as our loved ones. The point is not to be flippant because these material things cause real problems.

However, when seriously considering our lives, what is really missed is these “things?” In reality, all of them can be replaced. Loved ones cannot truly be replaced. Someone else can come into a place, but every person is unique and has a special place.

Be thankful and treasure those people that really matter in life. How many times do people reminisce about the “good ole days” and focus on “stuff?” It is the people that are remembered! Past times are celebrated with memories of loved ones.  The celebration takes place with those same class of loved ones looking to the future for a time to create more experiences with the same people. There is one more relationship greater than these.

There is something greater. Grace.

There is something about God’s grace found in the Gospel that bewilders the mind. It is the driving factor behind loving others in spite of themselves. In spite of ourselves. No matter how much anyone has wronged God, that is, sinned, there is forgiveness found in Jesus Christ. This is God’s grace.

Others can be hard to love because of a number of things about themselves. Many times we are those others. To whatever extent we wrong one another it can never match the degree to which each individual sins against God. Yet, Christ offers forgiveness of sins and a whole relationship with God to all of us. And none of us are deserving of this forgiveness. In this same way we should love one another when we do not deserve it.

There is nothing greater than Jesus Christ to be thankful for this time of year or any time of year. He has paid an unpayable debt for us. Be thankful and love one another as He has loved us.

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1 selahV November 26, 2009 at 2:18 pm

Great post, Mark. Happy Thanksgiving. selahV

2 Mark Lamprecht November 26, 2009 at 2:29 pm

Thank you, sister. Happy Thanksgiving to you too!


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