The report is that the White vs. Crossan debate went well.

No, unfortunately I wasn’t there and nor was I able to go on the cruise this year. James White briefly mentioned the debate on his blog and a few others commented on it in #prosapologian. During last night’s debate Dr. White told Dr. Crossan that he’d make a great Calvinist. I heard the expression on Crossan’s face was priceless. Only for Crossan to go on to say, “”I don’t think I’ve ever been called that before.” Reports are that all went better than planned from the Christian perspective of James White’s side. It seems that Dr. Crossan had not been approached in the manner Dr. White approached him in this debate. It may even be said that Crossan has a new found level of respect for White and may want to get to know him better. Let’s just hope this isn’t due to any intimidation brought on from Oakley sunglasses. The cruise hasn’t even started yet so let’s pray that the Lord work during that time and open Dr. Crossan’s eyes to see the truth.

There is also going to be a debate during the actual cruise, The Resurrection of Jesus Christ. I am sad to miss the cruise this year. I was using my resources for something much greater, new ministry which was my marriage. It was a God honoring ceremony which gave me two wonderful, beautiful ladies, my wife and step-daughter. I thank God for them.

Dr. White was thankful for all the prayers and everyone who stepped up to help out in this event. I pray that the audio/video of these debates will be used to further the Kingdom and to reveal and defend the truths of Christ’s resurrection and Holy Scripture.

I am happy to report this on the Lord’s Day.


PS: My buddy Alan who was at the debate gives a bit more indepth review.

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