The SBC, Alcohol, Patterson and MacArthur

It’s been several months since I’ve posted anything. I’ve been busy with my new family and studying for the CFP. I appreciate my concerned brothers who checked up on me to make sure I was well. Thanks a bunch. I also appreciate my friends who were going to take me off their blog roll if I didn’t post soon yet didn’t. Thanks, you’ve saved my 10 readers.

I’ve been reading around the blog-o-sphere about the Convention in Greensboro and the resolution on alcohol. It’s been beaten to death, but obviously not sufficiently enough since there are still brothers who agree with the resolution. (I’m joking with humor I learned from a secret friend.)

So rather than start all over I thought I’d like some folks to someone I found on Joe Thorn’s blog in the comments section. He had much to say and was encouraged by Joe’s boyfriend (joke) to start a blog.

He goes by ConcernedSBCer and I don’t know who he is, but this brother has done a wonderful and loving job of refuting Paige Patterson’s recent article on alcohol abstinence. I appreciate the work he’s done, the thoroughness of it and the spirit in which he wrote. Thanks ConcernedSBCer.

You may go to his blog link in his name of follow these parts in order.
Part 1: The Question of “Legalism”
Part 2: The Alleged Fourfold Use of “Oinos”
Part 3: The Attitude of Scripture
Part 4: Some Texts To Be Explained By Abstainers
Part 5: Some Added Observations

Then I’d like to direct you to something I found where MacArthur’s sermons on drinking alcohol are taken to task. Here is a series of sermons by Rev. Dr. Robert S. Rayburn.

The series is on the Lord’s Supper and using wine. You can find the links here. I thought this would be of interest to many folks since MacArthur’s teachings seem to be some of the main references by the abstinence crowd. I believe he deals with MacArthur a tad in the intro and then in numbers 2, 3, and 4.

Yes, I cheated a bit on my first post back. Oh well, I do enjoy “web logging” though.


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1 Howard Fisher July 12, 2006 at 9:52 am

Glad to see you back. I was beginning to wonder about you.

I am always amazed at how seriously we take alcohol, when the Bible has much more to say about adultery. Perhaps if we stuck to the text instead of preaching about social ills we’d be better off.

God Bless–>


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