The Segregated Life

In my previous post I encouraged folks to see the movie The Second Chance which touches on race relations in the church and neglect of those needing Christ in our own backyards. In the blog world I came across something that goes on the black community that I don’t know much about. It is a very telling video produced by 16 year old Kiri Davis called A Girl Like Me. (HT: Marty Duren)

Quote about the film.

For my high-school literature class I was constructing an anthology with a wide range of different stories that I believed reflected the black girl’s experience. For the different chapters, I conducted interviews with a variety of black girls in my high school, and a number of issues surfaced concerning the standards of beauty imposed on today’s black girls and how this affects their self-image.

Check out the video and pay attention to the recreation of the “doll test”. This will show us where stereo-types become reality.

Under the video screen are three links with a message.

* Fight hate and promote tolerance through
* Demand equal rights for all through
* Demand justice through the NAACP.

Those are good and noble causes for those three groups to be tackling. I think the church needs to be at the forefront of the local mission field. (read: Our own backyards.) The church can, but doesn’t necessarily tackle these issues. Why not? We’re afraid or too busy with our own lives. Color me white and guilty, but my eyes are opening wider everyday.

I recently read a sermon transcript by Harvie Conn called The City and Unreached Peoples (part 1 & part2). It was very interesting and applicable. Some may even say missional. I guess I am becoming more “missional” lately if we want to use that label. So be it.

I encourage you to check out the above sermon and also listen to James Montgomery Boice’s Two Cities Two Loves. Good stuff.

It is a lot easier to think you do your part by giving money each week or whenever you give. I know it’s tough as a layman to get involved, but try. Work with your church leadership to start a local outreach. The Gospel won’t come back void, but if it doesn’t go out at all then there is nothing to void.

Just as we eat an elephant one bite at a time we change the world through Jesus Christ one convert at a time.

For what it’s worth…


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