Timely sermon: Rolfe Barnard’s The God Nobody Is Mad At

Friend and fellow georgian, Pastor David King suggested this sermon. You can read it or listen to it or both if you like. The opening paragraph of the sermon reminds me a lot of how the Gospel is given today.

I went to a big Bible Conference, Southern Baptist Fellowship last week; and one more time I had to go and begin to cry to God. I am in one of my periods of agony, I am either up or down. I want to speak on the God that nobody is mad at. My impressions during the solemn time of the funeral of our departed President, was that the God of this day is a mighty likeable sort of fellow, that even an atheist wouldn’t be mad at Him. And my impression this last week in the Bible Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina, was that the Christ who is preached today; nobody would be offended by Him. So I am down in the dumps; I want God to work. I never can preach except I’m in agony. I don’t believe you can witness any other way. My soul! I beg you to pray for the men of God who are preaching a Christ Who is holy and is very offensive; instead of the nice Jesus that everybody loves today. God’s children need to pray for the men of God to have broken hearts and open doors.

This reminds me of a new book coming out soon by Dr. James White called Pulpit Crimes The Criminal Mishandling of God’s Word. You can read about it at Solid Ground Books or take several sneak peaks at the AOMin site and here is one.

I recently expressed some thoughts along the same lines on the Tom Ascol’s blog. I would just like to hear more expository preaching with strong biblical doctrine. An encouragement to study doctrine/theology in the pew. The challenging folks to grow spiritually by challenging folks to stretch themselves and study the bible more in depth.

I don’t want to hear just John 3:16. I want to hear John 3:16-18. God may not have a wonderful plan for your life. God does, however, have a wonderful plan for the afterlife for those who believe. He also has a terrible plan for those who don’t believe.

And a final quote from Rolfe Barnard:

I am sure that lip service and repeating of the sinner’s prayer and going through the motions won’t get the job done. There must be a heart belief, which is God-given faith. Something that you can’t get out of books, something that only a power greater than I am can bring to pass in my life. That’s the reason I thank God for the struggle these poor preachers have had going against the grain of present-day preaching of what is called the Gospel. I know that acceptance of a creed won’t get the job done.


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1 heshimu December 8, 2009 at 2:33 pm

well written. God may not have a wonderful plan for your life; He does if you believe. Thanks, Mark


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