Top 10 Posts for the Second Half of 2011

The following top 10 posts are those that received the most traffic from July 2011 through December 2011. The amount of attention some of these topics received on the web at the time they happened is amazing. However, thinking over the topics now is like thinking about ancient history that happened years ago.

We really do live in a soundbite society. Here today, cached tomorrow.

1. TD Jakes: Association Lacking Discernment? – A reply to James MacDonald’s defense of using discernment and association for inviting T.D. Jakes to Elephant Room II. The post includes interesting quotes from T.D. Jakes giving insight into his theological perspectives from the Trinity to his ministry associations. I have an upcoming post verifying Jakes’ continued association with Oneness folks.

2. The Shack Review – A review of William Young’s The Shack that continues to draw attention.

3. Dynamite Sermon Illustrations – A brief look at the misuse of the Greek word “dunamis” which means “power”. This post uses D.A. Caron’s Exegetical Fallacies to show how dunamis is used anachronistically.

4. Did Mark Dever Withdraw from Elephant Room 2? – I was alerted by a reader that Mark Dever had withdrawn from participating in Elephant Room II. Dever withdrew quietly probably due to the participation of T.D. Jakes. This post references Dever’s explanation of his practice of separation.

5. A Look at Passion City Church – A post critiquing Louie Giglio’s interview about an Atlanta church plant. Interesting that this post still gets traffic.

6. Mark Driscoll On Prophetic Dreams and Seeing the Future – Very interesting assertions by Mark Driscoll on God giving him visions into the private lives of people.

7. Was Anders Breivik a Christian? -An attempt at refuting some of the media claims after Breivik murdered several people that he is a Christian. I used Breiviks own words in the refutation.

8. A NASCAR Prayer, Parody or Blasphemy? – An unusual public prayer by a pastor that seemed to make light of prayer.

9. Southern Baptist Church Offices, Elders et al. – A defense of the use of a plurality of elders in SBC churches including documentation that the current SBC President pastors a church with a plurality of elders.

10. Brewing Controversy: A Respectful Disagreement with John MacArthur – A local friend of mine responds to MacArthur’s assertions about alcohol and the Young, Restless, and Reformed.

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