Top 9 Posts for May 09

Below are the most view posts for May 2009*.

  • Memorial Day 2009 Worship Service – I give some thoughts on patriotism in the church during worship service.  The comments will provide some insight as to why I keep blogging.
  • The Shack Is Only Fiction? – A brief reply to those who keep saying that The Shack is only fiction.  Considering revising.  What do you think?
  • Unchangeable Free Will – Another reply to the SBC pastor referenced above on Calvinism.  I attempt to show that his own illustration is self-defeating.
  • Uncommon Prayer Requests – Biblical prayer requests that we don’t often consider as we gather in Sunday School and such to pray.  It was also posted on SBC Voices by its editor.   I was told in the combox that one pastor is going to use them.  Humbled!
  • Blog Relaunch With Thesis DIY Theme – This blog was recently redesigned and here are some details with screen shots.  You can also learn a little more about this blog and its background.
  • A Look at Passion City Church – Some thoughts on Louie Giglio’s Passion City Church plant per his interview in Christianity Today.  Maybe I was a little harsh.  I tried to look through the lens of the importance of the local church.  There are long comments from Randy whom I might have scared away from commenting.  I didn’t mean to.

Given the redesign I think it was a good month.  I am wondering what my readers would like to read more about.  If any of you lurkers out there wouldn’t mind commenting I’d appreciate it.

Thanks to all the visitors.


*I’ve eliminated The Shack Review because it will probably get the #1 spot for top posts for months to come.

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