Ethics: Unwanted Pregnancy

What would you do Wednesday!

A fifteen year old girl was invited by your daughter to a youth outreach event at your church. Her boyfriend had just broken up with her. She was really upset and needed to get away and thought a church event would be something nice to go to.

The gospel was shared with here and she came to faith in Christ during this event. This young Christian has been attending church faithfully with your family. She has really been hungry to grow and know God better.

She’s been praying and reading her Bible regularly. True change can be seen in her life through her words and actions. She’s made new Christian friends and let go of old friends who were bad influences on her.

Four months have gone by and she finds out she is five months pregnant.

She understands that abortion is not an option for a Christian. Yet, she knows her parents are not Christians and they would want her to have an abortion so a child does not ruin her life.

She is scared and doesn’t know what to do.

The distressed girl turns to you for help. She was correct that her parents want her to have an abortion. Yet, they also want to want to discuss this with her new friends within her new spirituality. A meeting is set-up between you, your pastor and her parents.

You and your pastor must consider that her parents do not accept biblical authority as you prepare for interaction with them. As the parent or the pastor:

  • What alternatives to abortion do you offer her parents?
  • From what authority do you argue?
  • Should your church be willing to help?
  • What kind of help would you offer them corporately or individually?
  • What would you do?

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1 Dave Miller July 21, 2010 at 11:54 am

I would still argue from the point of scriptural authority. The fact that some people do not accept biblical authority does not make it any less true.

I would argue also that it is not in the daughter’s best interests to abort, based on health and well-being issues.

These kind of situations are never easy, but thats why we preachers get the big bucks. Oh, wait…

2 Mark July 21, 2010 at 4:44 pm


Interesting that you would still use Scripture. There are Christians in apologetics who will not use Scripture because the other party does not accept it a authoritative. I don’t see this situation as any less crucial nor applicable than in an apologetic exchange. I like it.

3 SirBrass July 28, 2010 at 11:55 pm

Despite their rejection of biblical authority, I would still bring it as the authority as it truly IS. Now, I would also bring supporting arguments but the foundation would be the Word.

Christian or no, I would council the girl to place the baby up for adoption. And would be willing to go to near extreme lengths to prevent an abortion from occuring. The commandment is “thou shalt not murder,” but the extension of that is to do all in one’s reasonable power to prevent murder from occurring as well. This includes defense of self and others in the event of an attack (a justification for the use of lethal self defense), and other means. Abortion is murder and if it is coerced on the girl by her parents then they are guilty of murder, and the girl will also have it on her conscience as well. As a Christian brother such an event is beyond the realm of acceptable.

I believe the church ought to be willing to help if no adoptive parents can be found, and help ANYWAYS during the pregnancy in any way possible that the girl would need, including possible use of the deacon’s fund to help defray prenatal medical costs.

Both corporate help AND individual help I think should be offered. Individual help on the individual members’ conscience and corporate help given with the overall consent of the congregation and overseen by the deacons with the elders’ approval.

As for what I would do? Hard to say. I’m a 26 yr old single man. Assisting alone a vulnerable, pregnant, 15 yrd old girl would at the very least carry some “appearance” of impropriety and would not be wise for keeping gossipping mouths quiet.

If I were a married man, and with my wife’s consent and cooperation, I would offer to adopt the child as our own. Either immediately or if no adoptive parents can be found. That child was conceived by God’s sovereign ordination and is not a mere ‘accident,’ and is a fellow image-bearer of God. That child OUGHT to be raised by Christian parents. The saying of “If not me, then who? And if not now, then when?” comes to mind. However, that is all predicated on me being a married man and my wife being in full agreement and cooperation on this endeavor.

Back to reality. In my current situation, I would most likely offer transportation to and from medical appointments when I am able to do so, or some other mundane, task-oriented thing that would not place me alone with the girl unsupervised for long periods of time. That, and if an abortion were being forced by the parents insistence, I would do all in my power, up to and including civil disobedience in order to obstruct, persuade, or prevent that murder from taking place.

~Sir Brass

4 Jeff September 30, 2010 at 6:16 pm

I do agree that help should be offered through the church and any outside agencies that offer it, what if she wants to raise the child? Will you still help her do this? It seems like everyone is ssaying adoption is the only answer, but what if she wants to try and raise the child? Where does the church stand on that?


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