Valentime’s Day Again?

Valentime’s Day is what I used to call it as a kid. I thought people were saying time. I would occasionally hear tine, but I just thought people were talking too fast. Calling it Valentime’s Day made more sense to me because it sounded like it was time for something to be celebrated. I had no idea what a tine was so time made more sense to me. Of course, then I wondered what a Valen was and what I was supposed to do with it.

So, as a kid I didn’t understand Valentime’s Day. As an adult, I have a better understanding of celebrating Valentine’s Day. It’s not a day for me, but for my wife.

Men, in other words, Valentine’s Day is for the special woman in your life – not for you.

I leave you with a few brief thoughts about Valentine’s Day.

  • Single folks, don’t worry about it. Valentine’s Day in America is over-commercialized like everything we do. Don’t feel pressured that you must have someone to do something special for. That approach diminishes the time making it all about the day rather than that special person.
  • Men, enjoy the day and do something special for the lady in your life, specially, if you’re married. Don’t whine and complain. Instead, surprise your lady and show you love her by paying special attention to her. We men know we fall short in this area, especially, after marriage.
  • Women, to be too hard on your men and enjoy the effort they’ve put into making the day special. We men aren’t always good at being romantic nor always making great decisions in that area. So, have some grace in accepting what your men do for you.

Finally, don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day everyday or pretend that you’re going to. Christian husbands might use Valentine’s Day as a reminder to follow Scripture and love our wives as Christ loved the church. And that doesn’t mean pretending that Valentine’s Day is everyday. Most of us can’t afford a flowers, candy, or a night out everyday. Those aren’t the sacrifices Christ calls us to anyway.

So, men, enjoy Valentine’s Day as a special occasion. Then, live sacrificially the rest of the time as Christ calls us to which is so much more than flowers, candy, or a night out.

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