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LifeWay has just released research on views of homosexuality from a telephone survey.  The groups included in the survey were Americans in general, Roman Catholics, Protestants and another called “born-again, evangelical or fundamentalist Protestants.”  I’m not quite sure of the distinction of the last group from the Protestants.

A quote from the article by friend and Research Director, Ed Stetzer.

“Almost a third of Americans and almost half of those who do not attend a place of worship – the people we are trying to reach – say our view of sexual morality would negatively impact their decision to visit our churches…”
read the whole thing.

I would say that our view of morality in general would not be particularly inviting though that wasn’t the focus of this survey.  I imagine that there is a stigma out there that Christians in general have a (No, I don’t care for the man nor his approach.) Phelpian view of homosexuality among other issues.  This study in some ways shows that’s not the case.

Should we have a great concern over folks not wanting to merely visit churches over an issue such as this?  Wouldn’t the cross be offensive enough to keep people away?  I almost hesitate to say that maybe, just maybe, we have a wrong view of evangelism.  Evangelism is so often reduced to merely inviting an unbeliever to church.  Paul’s writings in 1 Corinthians seems to indicate that unbelievers in the church weren’t the focus nor the norm, although they may be present.  The word “church” also gives us an indication of just who is gathering together.

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t invite people to church.  I am saying that we shouldn’t focus on inviting them to church as our primary means of evangelism.  That is not the primary purpose of corporate worship.


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