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My wife and I just spent a wonderful few days up in Louisville, KY and I wanted to share some of it with you all. We attended the Spring Preview conference of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. This is a time when prospective students can come to the school, stay on campus, go to classes, tour the campus, speak to professors, and hear from the admissions office, housing office, employment office, etc. Not to mention hear seminary president Al Mohler speak and Dean of the School of Theology Russell Moore speak and preach. Also a high point was to go to President and Mrs. Mohler’s house for dessert Friday night, which included, at least for Heather and I, an impromptu tour of Dr. Mohler’s basement library by the director of admissions. Let me say a quick word about the library. Awesome! Approximated 40,000-50,000 books, all at least partially, if not fully, read by Dr. Mohler. Very impressive. Also there was a formal question and answer period with Dr. Mohler and Dr. Moore, open to any questions, and an informal q&a with Dr. Mohler for a few of us in his library.

I was very impressed by the school, the professors, and everyone involved in the whole weekend. The current students were great to talk to, and were very helpful and willing to answer any questions that my wife and I had. The professors were very willing to chat in the hall and were very gracious to our numerous questions.

One thing I found facinating was the recent shift in the schools ideology from a thoroughly liberal (liberals call this moderate) view of Christianity to the current conservative view now held by the school. And this change has happened just in the past 10-12 years, moved along by the leadership of Dr. Mohler. It was quite a facinating story.

So if anyone is considering attending seminary, I would highly recommend the preview weekend at Southern.

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1 C.Porter April 27, 2005 at 9:34 pm

Sounds awesome Russ! Quite the weekend.

Even though I am 30 I am planning on starting some correspondence courses from a Baptist seminary up here in Canada. I hope to eventually take a more full-time approach to seminary once I can fugure out how to handle it financially. I am sure though that God will provide for whatever he wills to take place.

God Bless!
Cameron (passedover)
Earnestly Contending

2 MarieP April 27, 2005 at 6:07 pm


Great to hear you enjoyed Preview Weekend! I work at the library, so hopefully you liked what you saw 🙂 Where did you visit church on Sunday? I’m a member of Immanuel Baptist, which is a Reformed SBC church.

So when would you be starting seminary, and what degree are you hoping to pursue?

Also, you should come into #prosapologian sometime. JohnMark’s probably already told you about it.


3 Russ April 28, 2005 at 3:23 pm

Marie and Cameron, thank you for the kind words! We left Saturday night so we did not get to visit any churches, although I did hear that Immanuel is a great church. My wife and I are not sure when we would go if we go. We are seeking to make a wise, prayerful decision. If we did, MDiv, BTS or Applied Apologetics tract. We made a quick 10 minute breeze through the library! I’m 33 Cameron, so you are ahead of me!


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