Warren Cole Smith and Pete Kaliner Discuss Steven Furtick’s $1.7 Million Mansion

Warren Cole Smith was on the Pete Kaliner Show discussing the recent controversy over N.C. Pastor Steven Furtick, of Elevation Church, spending $1.7 million to build his new 16,000 square-foot mansion.

Smith and Kaliner begin the show talking about pastors’ salaries in light of accountability, transparency, and living sacrificially. Kaliner brings up Furtick’s answer to critics that he makes his money from book sales and conferences. And that Furtick and his board of advisers speak at each other’s conferences and events promoting each other.Smith argues that the church is what gave pastors like Furtick their platform for success.

He then points to Chuck Colson who had several NY Times best sellers whose book sales sent to the non-profit who paid Colson a salary. John Piper also took a salary from his church while his book and conference sales went to a non-profit ministry.

Smith is “not insensitive” to Furtick’s congregation telling outsiders like him to mind his business. Yet, he calls for a level of accountability from within the church. Most who attend Furtick’s multi-campus church are not members and Smith has yet to find a process for membership.

Smith says reporters like him are not casting stones, but reporting facts which should not be troubling (Furtick and friends). He does admit Elevation Church has done well to give away $10 million to charity. However, Elevation seems to giveaway around 10-11% of its budget which is “not exceptionally generous compared to other churches.”

Interesting conversation – and that’s just the first 12 minutes.

Listen below or you can download the mp3 and listen.

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