What Was Awesome About Your Weekend?

It was a normal Monday. A co-worker asked about my weekend though it could have been a friendly acquaintance, office neighbor, etc. Before I could get a word out my co-worker unloaded telling me about the “best movie of year” – Star Trek Into Darkness.

There never seems a shortage of new movies being released and Star Trek would have been among my top three guesses.

But Star Trek was his number one. He was excited to tell me about it. He talked faster than the Micro Machines Man. I felt like I watched all two hours of the movie in 10 minutes.

“I’ll have to check it out. Sounds awesome!” I said.

After catching his breath, he asks me, “So what about you? Did you do anything awesome this weekend?”

“As a matter of fact, I did,” was my excited reply, “Let me tell you about it.”

“I woke up Sunday morning. Got the family ready, had some coffee, breakfast and more coffee before heading out. We had a good conversation in the car on the way preparing ourselves. Fifteen minutes later were we parked and soon meeting with a group of friends.”

“My wife and I got to hang out with a group of friends for an hour before the big event. We had a great time with our friends catching up for the week, sharing about life, laughing, crying, encouraging – you name it! The hour flew by in about five minutes. It was – all of a sudden – time for the big event.”

” We walked down a couple hallways with our friends. We arrived and found a seat greeting the nice people around us. The musicians began playing and singing. It was great; we got to sing right along with them! The singing ended after about 20 minutes.”

“After a few announcements we got to experience something life changing! We got to hear a message – a life changing message that lasted about 40 minutes. Then, we got to sing together once more before heading home. It was awesome!”

My co-worker gave me a funny look and asked with a half-smile, “What were you doing again?”

I replied with a smile, “We had an awesome time worshiping the Creator of the Universe gathering together on account of His resurrected Son, Jesus. We started in Sunday School fellow-shipping, praying and learning. Then, we moved into the sanctuary for formal worship were we sang praise songs and heard the Bible -the very word of God – preached.”

“We simply went to church and it was awesome!”

My co-worker and I chatted for a few more minutes planing to talk more later.

It was a normal Sunday. I was excited to share my awesome weekend worship with a co-worker.

So…what was awesome about your weekend?

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johnnymhunt Thank you! God bless you and Janet, too.


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