Wheaton Drinks the Kool-Aid by Larry Farlow

Wheaton College, a leading evangelical university, now sponsors a student group for homosexuals. This group, called “Refuge,” is designed to provide a “biblically faithful community” for homosexual students.

According to an article on the Christian News Network:

…the Wheaton Chaplain’s Office hired Julie Rodgers, a “celibate gay Christian,” to lead the group as student counselor. Rodgers believes God uses her homosexuality to glorify Him.

“As God has redeemed and transformed me, he’s tapped into those gay parts of me that now overflow into compassion for marginalized people and empathy for social outcasts—he’s used my gay way of being for His glory rather than making me straight,” Rodgers asserted on her personal blog last year.

I see very little biblical faithfulness in that statement. I see instead a person who identifies herself by her sin – something the Bible never does. A person who limits God’s transforming power. Paul told the Corinthian church such were some of you not such are some of you (I Corinthians 6:11). To say God made me gay is like saying God made me an adulterer or a thief. Will there be student groups in future for those who identify as adulterers or thieves but are non-practicing? My guess is there will not be because those particular sins have not yet been adopted by activist groups seeking to legitimize those behaviors.

Despite claims to the contrary, Wheaton seems to have drunk the cultural Kool-Aid which says homosexuality is a person’s identity rather than a manifestation of their sin-nature like any other illicit desire. Or, if they’ve not drunk it, they’re at least willing to stand by while it’s served to others.

Wheaton has chosen the broad way of accommodation to the culture – and it will not end well. Borrowing from Churchill, they’ve chosen to feed the crocodile. Unfortunately, the crocodile of homosexual activism is never satiated by a chicken or two – it wants to devour the chef and take over the restaurant. Just ask the Boy Scouts. It’s a very short trip from gay is who I am and that’s OK to gay is what I do and that’s OK. And Wheaton is headed there. I predict within five years there will be an officially recognized student group at Wheaton for those who view homosexual practice as legitimate and wholly compatible with the Christian faith.

Incrementalism is the gay activists’ modus operandi for co-opting an organization. Sadly that’s in process now at Wheaton. Whether that is through the complicity of leadership or their naivety I cannot say. Either way the end result will be the same.

Larry Farlow lives in Metro-Atlanta. He is an elder and adult Bible study teacher at Grace Fellowship.

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1 Michael Devaney May 28, 2015 at 7:57 pm

You nailed it… 5 Years or less until Wheaton fully submits to this doctrine. How sad.

2 Forrest May 28, 2015 at 9:43 pm

I’m trying to understand your hang up with what she has said and what Wheaton has done… how is her not being sexually active a sin? Are you saying that her self-identification as a homosexual is a sin? If so, on what basis? Based on what you’ve posted here I just don’t see it.

3 Larry June 1, 2015 at 7:48 am

Thanks for the question, Forrest. I never said not being sexually active was a sin. The problem is her desire to continue to identify herself by her sin. When we come to Christ we are new creatures. As Paul said in the passage I referenced, drunkard, or homosexual or adulterer, is what we were, not what we are. That does not mean we are free from temptation in these areas if they were part of our old nature but it does mean we are no longer in bondage to them. They are no longer our master. If any man is in Christ he is a new creature (II Corinthians 5:17). Who when set free from their old master continues to call themselves by his name?

A second issue with it is that it capitulates to the culture. It is the culture, not the scriptures that says homosexuality is who I am rather than what I do. “Homosexual” was an adjective until sometime in the 20th century when it began to be treated like a noun. It changed from a word describing someone who engages in certain behavior to describing who they are as a person. “Gay” as a term for homosexuals was coined by the culture to remove the stigma from this sin and to give it an identity akin to race or gender in an attempt to normalize it. That is not something Christians should be a party to.

Bottom line is homosexuality is a sin. So are a lot of other things. If the people who deal with that issue want it to be treated like any other sin they need to treat it that way too. There is no need for special ministries or student groups just for homosexuals or just of those involved in porn or just for those who gossip. There is no sin so difficult that the ordinary means of grace as administered by the local church are insufficient. The homosexual like any other sinner needs to repent of their sin, identify with a local church, read the scriptures, pray, take the Lord’s Supper, fellowship with believers (of all stripes) – in short, live the Christian life and pursue holiness without seeking any preferential treatment or special circumstance because of the specific way sin manifests itself in their life.

4 forrestleehorn June 2, 2015 at 12:43 am

Fair enough. But I don’t see how they are “seeking any preferential treatment or special circumstance.” They are a Christian academic institution not a “local church,” so there’s that… but further I’d ask, was Paul identifying himself when he said he was the “worst of all sinners” in 1 Tim.1? Language does in fact evolve over time, just like you mentioned above with the word “gay.” That does not mean “capitulation to culture” necessarily. There are plenty of historical examples of culture values shifting and swinging the pendulum to far in an overcorrection… suffrage, slavery, civil rights, etc. Many of these cultural shifts, while painful in the process, eventually brought about great benefits to all and increased the flourishing of humanity (or at least I’d argue they did). Just some food for thought.

5 Grant June 15, 2015 at 12:59 pm

It is clear and simple: Wheaton College is abandoning the Gospel, and any Christian hoping to study in faithfulness to the Gospel should expect some degree of difficulty in earning a good grade with work based on the only true Gospel.

6 forrestleehorn June 15, 2015 at 4:59 pm

Please define what you mean by “only true Gospel.” And, how does their allowing this group mean that they are “abandoning the Gospel” (as you have defined it).


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