Where Are You?

On a recent Saturday morning, some of us from Sunday School class got to live out our faith a bit. A struggling, single mother needed a new roof on her house because it was leaking. That Saturday morning she received a new roof. She also received the gospel of Jesus Christ. Both were our pleasure.

She knew the gospel and professed to be a believer. We kept talking to better understand her situation and how we could pray for her. She was hurting economically like many people right now. She was also hurting spiritually like many people right now. There is a spiritual component to every aspect of life; it is foundational.

She talked about how difficult it is to start over in various areas in life. Adjusting is going to be hard. How will she adjust? What’s next? What will she do? Starting over in good times is hard. Starting over in bad times is harder.

I brought up Adam and Eve.

I agreed that life is not easy and can be very hard at times. Then I asked, “Can you imagine being Adam and Even and getting kicked out of the Garden for your sin? Imagine what it was like for them to start over?”

She listened.

I then suggested that maybe God is asking her the same question He asked Adam and Eve after they sinned, “Where are you?”

But the LORD God called to the man and said to him, “Where are you?” (Genesis 3:9 ESV)

Of course, God always knows where you are – always. But you may not always know where you are in relation to Him. Or maybe you know where you are with God and don’t want to face Him.

I was able to encourage her with more Scripture by pointing to the Apostle Peter’s being sifted by Satan. Jesus was praying for Peter while Peter was being sifted by Satan just as Jesus is praying for us today through our trials. Jesus is still interceding for His disciples today. I encouraged her to trust Him through this rough time in life.

The nice mother was encouraged by our visit that morning, but so were we. I don’t know who was more thankful – the single mother or us. But I do know that Jesus got the glory.

The conversation that morning was a great reminder, regardless of how well I think life is going, to always be focused on where I am in my relationship with God.

What do you say when God asks, “Where are you?”

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