Why I Appreciate My Pastor

Abraham Piper has asked, “Thankful for your pastor?”  Followed by, “Say so and win him a pair of tickets to DG’s pastors conference.”  I am going to say so.  I really do appreciate my pastor regardless of whether or not I win the tickets.  Though it would be a great gift for my pastor.

On the surface

My pastor has only been with us for a little over six months.  I’ve had the opportunity to have a few long lunches with him though.  I’ve also gotten to spend some other time with him.  I appreciate him in some ways because of what we have in common.  We are very close in age, around the mid-30’s.  We also have the dry sense of humor in common and a love for theology.  It’s also nice to have a pastor that is pretty up on the current cultural and theological happenings.

More importantly

Since coming in as senior pastor he’s made a few changes.  Wednesday night service now really brings us together in each others lives.  We get to see the pastors heart while he teaches and interact with each other.  We go through Scripture as a congregation each giving input as we learn together.

A Sunday night service was started a couple months ago.  This has really brought us together as we share prayer requests and we all pray together.  The focus is praising God through singing, followed by the corporate prayer just mentioned, closing with a short 15 minute message.

The two activities above have really laid the path to greater fellowship and community in our local body.  It’s wonderful and refreshing to be able to pray for each other as we grow closer as a family.

The importance of church membership is now put forth much more clearly.  This includes voting out those who’ve left and voting in those who’ve come to join.  This approach just adds to the above aiding us in growing closer as a family.

Most importantly

The Gospel is preached with extreme clarity.  He preaches it to the believer and unbeliever alike.  He takes time to explain to the unbeliever that one must repent and believe the Gospel to truly understand why we are even gathered to worship and study the Bible.  There is no watering down the Gospel.  Not only is this refreshing to me, but I hear other members talking about how great and powerful the sermons are.  This speaks volumes given that my pastor is not at all showy nor animated in his approach.  He’s simply clear and precise.  He preaches Scripture also, rather than focusing on any particular theological bent.

Not only is he intellectual, but he is much wiser than one might expect.  He has shown patience and wisdom in handling questions and such.  Most of all he loves the church.  He’s been there for those who are very ill and for those in our family whose loved ones have recently gone to be with the Lord.

Bottom line

I thank God for bringing our current pastor to shepherd us.  I pray he’s there a long time and that I might serve under him well.  I appreciate him for many things including his humility.  He realizes that God has put him in our church and that it is by God’s grace that he pastors as such.  Despite all the above that God has done and is doing through our pastor he knows God could remove him tomorrow.  This is probably what I appreciate most next to his boldness in presenting the Gospel.  It’s all about God, for His glory.

For what it’s worth…


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