Why Worship?

As you go to worship tomorrow or whenever the next Lord’s Day is think about why your worshiping. Are you worshiping as a means to find total satisfaction in God? What might be some wrong motivations? Below I’ve reformatted a paragraph from Brothers, We Are Not Professionals by John Piper, page 240. Read this list and consider your reasons for worshiping.

  • We “worship” to raise money
  • We “worship” to attract crowds
  • We “worship” to heal human hurts
  • We “worship” to recruit workers
  • We “worship” improve church morale
  • We “worship” to give talented musicians an opportunity to fulfill their calling
  • We “worship” to teach our children the way or righteousness
  • We “worship” to help marriages stay together
  • We “worship” to evangelize the lost among us
  • We “worship” to motivate people for service projects
  • We “worship” to give our churches a family feeling, etc.

Now re-consider. Seek Jesus.

For the Kingdom…


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