Will HPOA be Christianized?

The word HPOA (HOPA?) is going around the internet. Depending on who you read it either means ‘someone who is half-Japanese’ (HOPA version), ‘highly professional office assistant’ or something else that is going around the web that is more vulgar. I’m not sure if the half-Japanese reference is meant to be insulting or not. Please do not take my usage as such.

It is interesting is that the more vulgar phrase used around the web also seems to be the most popular. This offensive usage was apparently part of a practical joke. Was the joke funny? I have only read a briefing on it so I can’t comment. The concept seems to be a good one since it’s about someone quitting their job in an unorthodox way.

What is interesting is that this is what secular society thrives on. I get that. I was there once for more than a moment in time. In this age of Christian cultural engagement I’ve got to wonder if someone may try to Christianize the acronym HPOA. I’ve seen things from fire engine baptisteries to parody videos where a pastor pulls out a can of ‘whoop bass’. (I’m sure there are more examples.)

So why not this term?

How about:

  • Holy People Offering Action
  • Hating Persecution of Abba
  • Heaven, Pushing Out Abaddon
  • Holiness: Putting On Armour

Now is the time for Christians to act! Grab this acronym and capture the culture!

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1 Mark August 11, 2010 at 10:35 am

Of course, the HOPA/HPOA was all a hoax. Sort of like this post. 🙂

2 Jason Anspach August 11, 2010 at 6:01 pm

Eh, I’m so far out of it w\ Christian acronyms. I just figured out what PTL meant last month.


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