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Brother Frank* posted some good thoughts DGM’s interview with Mark Driscoll. I read his post and then a little later read an article from the Boston Globe entitled New approaches to worship emerge. Please be aware that I am in no way affiliating Mark Driscoll to the likes of denomination nor practices listed in the article. Brian McLaren, however, gets an honorable mention.

Read the whole article, but my thoughts lately have been more along the lines of the practice portrayed in the opening paragraph.

The first difference you would notice between the 9 a.m. “first worship” at Wellesley Congregational Church and the traditional 10 a.m. service is location. People at the traditional service fill the pews in the sanctuary; the early-bird faithful migrate to the basement and sit facing one another in a U-shape of metal chairs.

There is a local SBC mega-church close by that offers five different services in total which consist of two types of contemporary and a type of traditional. Aside from doctrinal issues, this is one of the main reasons why I haven’t wished to go back to the SBC via this particular church.

As I’ve gotten flyers in the mail about this church this is one of the main issues I think about. It just doesn’t feel like we can be such a great church family if we are all just going to pick and chose our worship styles. How does this breed togetherness? Of course, are a mega-church it’s tough to really interact with everyone anyways given the number of people and service times and such.

I use this example to say that I wonder when churches will really have a “Worship Your Way” church service? When everyone will come in and all have “music time”. People will sit in the pews and put on headphones and be able to chose from 50 or so worship songs for an allotted time before the sermon begins. Or maybe the sermon will be given at the 8 am service and then replayed via a Tivo-like device on individual monitors all throughout the day. Add in a coffee shop that serves pastries and just imagine how comfortable unbelievers would be then.

Now wouldn’t that be cool?

*Ps. “Brother Frank” sounds like someone from the Taze Community, but maybe, just maybe that could be a name that replaces “centuri0n” whose used the name online for as long as I’ve known him. What do ya say, Brother Frank? I think I know the answer. =)

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